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How do we achieve this quality?

With know-how + the latest technology:
In the most modern hardwood lumber sawmill in the world, years of experience are combined with the very latest technology to give us the highest production standards for the lumber from which we produce our flooring.

We have highly controlled conditions for the lumber’s storage from its transportation from the forest right through to the finished flooring.

Sawmills typically process a number of different species of trees, causing them to have to make constant changes in their production process. Our sawmills production specializes in sawing one species, European Beech, which enables us to take into account all of the specific requirements of European beech so that we process it in an optimal manner.

Most modern flooring plants will obtain their lumber from multiple sources, often a dozen or more. Obtaining 100 % of the raw materials from just one source, our own sawmills, allows us to maintain our high standards for consistency of color and grading.

Consistent rules for selection and production from the sawn lumbers to the finished product.