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Pollmeier Quality

How do I recognize Pollmeier Quality?


  • The precise milling of thickness ensures a minimal number of steps when installing – provided that the floor is laid on an even substrate. This prevents the occurrence of excessive wear at the edges. Tiny, uniform micro bevels protect the edges from wear and prevent excessive accumulation of dirt in the joints. These micro bevels are varnished provide visual appeal and protect the edges from detrimental environmental influences such as moisture and the effects of sunlight.

Highest level of precision in manufacture

  • Ensures an easy and fast installation.

Reliable selection

  • Consistency of grading and color, in every box.

Optimal length distribution

  • Longer lengths allow a fast and therefore cost-effective installation.


    Thickness of wear layer: 2/7” (7 7.5 mm)


  • 6 coats of water-based polyurethane, 2 of them containing aluminum oxide or
    3 coats of hardwax oil (based on renewable oils and natural waxes)
Tip: Just try comparing a box of Pollmeier flooring with products from our competitors. You can see and feel the difference …