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Care & Repair

Care for hardwax oil flooring

  • No special treatment or care is necessary. However, if after normal cleaning you still see wear, you can refresh the look of the floor with the recommended hardwax oil finish.
  • If dents appear on the surface, it is also possible to repair the floor yourself with our repair kit, which includes the appropriate directions, sandpaper, stain, and hardwax oil.
  • Stains can be easily removed as for the polyurethane varnished flooring.

Care for polyurethane varnished flooring

  • No special treatment or care is necessary. For a general cleaning of soiled areas, spray the floor with a mild cleaner, follow by wiping up with a sponge mop or cloth pad mop, and dry up the residue.
  • Repairs should be done by a professional.
A detailed manual can be downloaded under our Service link.