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Facility tips

Decorating with solid hardwood flooring keeps your home feeling alive. The flexibility, warmth, and feel of hardwood flooring will give your home a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Hardwood flooring also compliments all kinds of furniture and interior decorating style.


The lighting and the color of the flooring will affect the mood and feel of your home. Size and direction of the light coming in through the windows will also affect how your flooring appears, so please take this into consideration when making your selection as the flooring will appear different than shown in the showroom.


Things to take into consideration:


Dark wood flooring radiates warmth and coziness and fit well with chrome or antique furniture. Typically used with darker country settings to give a cozy feel or you can use white walls to make a space feel larger. Can be used to give a room an exotic, modern, or extravagant feeling.


Lighter wood floors reflect light, and are good at making a room feel larger and are well suited for darker areas and can contrast dark furniture to bring a warmer friendlier feeling to a room. They also bring a lot of energy to a room and blends well with walls of brighter and softer colors.


The color of the flooring should match the ambiance you want to create and should coordinate with your furniture as well. Brighter colors will reflect light and open up a room while darker colors make a warm comfortable area. The color of the floor should compliment your furniture and not overwhelm the room.