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Washed Look

Washed Look

Relaxed and uncomplicated with a modern flair. Washed Look flooring by Pollmeier is perfect for high-traffic environments like the office; or at home with children and pets. Its special structured look helps conceal every-day wear and tear, and the wood’s naturally occurring open knots have been treated and filled for added character. Washed Look by Pollmeier based on Emotion Grade offers the perfect solution for large spaces. And like all Pollmeier products, it’s German engineered for absolute precision.

Emotion Washed Look by Pollmeier combines smart, contemporary styling with the richness and durability of hardwood.

Pollmeier. Precision hardwood flooring. German-engineered. Designed for nail & glue-down applications (Please contact us for more information.)
(20 mm)
15" – 84"
(380 – 2.135 mm)
Average length:
(1.220 mm)

The Washed Look width