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Hardwax oil floor

Hardwax oil floor

Pollmeier hardwax oil solid wood floors have a warm and natural radiance. They provide a highly wear-resistant surface that out-performs traditional oils used in floor finishing (e.g. boiled linseed oil) because of the combination of unique oils and wax.

Active households and lifestyles, including active kids and pets, will leave their marks on a floor. Nothing changes that. However, a hardwax oil floor, unlike other types of floor finishes or floor seals, allows an isolated section or area of the floor that has been subjected to excessive wear and tear to be repaired without totally re-doing the entire floor. With the Pollmeier repair kits, a floor owner can make repairs himself.

A Pollmeier solid wood floor, with a hardwax oil finish, is already treated and only requires an initial application with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 3029 once installed. The floor can then be walked on immediately.


This finish can be applied on Elegance, Pacific, Inspiration and Emotion grade.

For large volumes also available on Washed Look.